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Fitness years: half a year

Finally my turn to wear bikini to the beach, I couldn’t believe how X fitness helped me from someone who doesn’t exercising to someone who’s confidence with their body. X fitness provides great service from training to setting up training program and telling me about lots of dieting information.

Name: Miss Cai

Coach: Yan

Fitness years: 2 years

Fitness reasons: body shape, improve mood

Improvement after fitness: I have been wearing tight-fitting shirts to highlight my figure, because I am obese, so I am not beautiful. However, after three months of exercise, it is thanks to Coach Yan that I regained my confidence. I will continue to work hard to follow Coach Yan go to exercise

Name: Mrs. chen


Fitness years: three months

Fitness reasons: overweight, shoulder and neck pain

Fortunately. I met Hugo, who fixed the problem of muscle tightness for many years, it was really sunrising how quickly Hugo can fixed my back pain within this short of the time . .

Name: Eddie

Coach: Ken

Fitness years: 7-8 years

Reason for fitness: friend introduction

I didn’t know anything about the gym before, and i always thought working put would make your body super muscular, so I have never been in contact with it but thanks to Coach Ken subtle guidance it turns out working out can strengthen my muscles and reduce my back pain.

Name: Miss Xu


Fitness years: 3 years

Fitness reason: Pain

My knee joint was seriously degenerated, and i felt the pain when going up and down the stairs. So i seek for help at X-fitness to find Coach Ken for training and stretching. After a period of time, the early pain symptoms improved. Pain been enervating as the training goes on and now I could move quicker.



Fitness Years:3-4 month

I have never been super active in sports since I was a kid so I decided to change it up little bit. X-Fitness is very neat and tidy, comfortable area and stuff there are very warm and nice

Improvement after fitness: Hung, my fitness trainer, is very careful and patient with me who has no exercise foundation.

Name: Huige


Fitness years: half a year

Fitness years: half a year Reasons for fitness: reduce belly fat and reduce fat

Although the exercise process is hard, it has changed my body shape and feels young again!



Fitness years: 4 and a half years

Reasons for fitness: there are three highs

When I was young. I had no time to take care of my body due to lack of busy work so my health been going down, when I realized I had Three highs”I didn’t hesitate, a friend of my introduced me to coach Ken and we started our journey. Ken explained a lot of problems about three highs he taught me how to eat properly and exercise. now my body has changed a lot



Fitness years: two years

Reason for fitness: introduction by friend of mine

Improvement after fitness: Healthy living habits, more exercise index, and higher muscle strength



Fitness years:5 years

Reason for fitness: I want to get healthier, enervating body pain

improvement after fitness: Exercising with Hugo really helps with enervating body pain after training with Hugo’s Program



Fitness years:2 years

Reason for fitness : body joints are often uncomfortable

Dick sir is really experienced, and he will train and set up program base on your physical history, training intensity is just right and also affective!



Fitness years:5 years

Improvement after exercising: In fact, I have been exercising all the time, and I made good progress at the beginning, but then I stopped at the same place and made no progress. Until I met a coach once, after studying for a period of time, I found that the previous fitness failure was caused by technical problems.

Name:Mr Chan


Fitness years:6 years

Reason for fitness: I want to continue to exercise after surgery

Improvement after fitness: I am very grateful to Coach Ken for his professional training. I know that I have undergone surgery and have many difficulties in fitness. Coach Ken is also very patient and thoughtful to teach me, and strives for perfect movement guidance. It is really difficult to find a coach , let me meet such a careful coach

Name: Xizai

Coach: BoBo

Fitness years: four months

Reason for fitness: Do exercise together with family members

BoBo understands what I really need and want, simply wanted to get big and muscular, BoBo program is easy to understand and feollow .

Name:sir Huang


Fitness years: half a year

Reason for fitness: Muscle gain

after workingout with Marcus hae been gaining lots of muscle

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