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Fitness tips

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Importance of sleep for fitness

In addition to fitness pians and eating habits that suit you, adequate rest is also a very important part of fitness.

To achieve the best fitness results, sleep is inseparable. Sufhcent sleep can stabilize peopie’s emotions. thereby improving concentration during exercise, and thus enhancing exercise performance Generally speaking. eight hours of high-quality sieep is enough.

When we sleep and rest. the damaged muscles will be repaired during our sleep. If we lack sleep, the damaged muscies will not be repaired, which wil increase the risk of mjury in the next day’s intense training

muscle gain

To put it simply, muscle gain is to increase muscle. Muscle gain is to make our muscies stronger and thicker, making our body more streamlined.
First of all, we need to know that muscles are made up of muscle ibers. When we do strength training, the muscle fibers in the body will be damaged, and the muscle system wil release Cytokines after the damage, and the body wil automatically repair the damaged muscle parts. This repair process can not only repair the muscles, but also make our muscles stronger stronger than before.

Why can't I gain muscle?

Some people have been weight training for a while, but have been slow to gain muscle. There are three main reasons:

1. Insufncient calotie intake
Most beginners think that as long as the more calories they absorb, the more muscies will grow, hut this is a wrong idea. The corect way is to calculate tne total daily sales volume first, and then add 300- Adjust between 500 calories.

2. Insufficient protein
In fact, building muscie is the same as building a houise. If you want to build a bigger house, you need more materials. if the body does not absorb enough protein. the muscles will remains the same.

3. Excessive aerobic exercise
Aerobic exercise can help us lose fat, but excessive aerobic exercise may put the body in a state of increased metabolism and muscle buming Even if you do too much weight training. it wil lead to muscle lass. drain

Do you warm up before weight training?

Many people choose to do some stretching exercises as a warm-up. In fact, light aerobic exercise is a good warm-up, because through aerobic exercise, the body temperature will gradually rise &. At this time, the joints will produce synovial fluid, which can reduce the risk of injury.

What is HIIT?

High Intense Interval Training, Chinese:高強度間歇性訓練. High intensity is defined as above 80% of heart rate. Interval training means alternating training and rest, so as to achieve a good effect of fat loss, reduce muscle loss and enhance cardiopulmonary function.

What are deep muscles?

Deep muscles refer to all the muscles that cannot be accessed from the outside. These muscles are responsible for maintaining posture and fixing the joint position. When the body moves, the deep muscles will maintain the stability of the joint position or maintain static movements such as sitting and standing.